readyAGS is a revolutionary, cloud-based platform and driver-centric mobile app designed to enable fast, accurate, and efficient gate transactions.

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Every second counts when it comes to completing moves and getting paid.

What if you could plan your gate missions before you arrive at an Intermodal facility? Imagine how much that could reduce your wait-time.

readyAGS is a service from NASCENT Technology

that makes it possible to access a virtual AGS gate kiosk before you actually arrive at the facility.

Whenever and wherever you have time

You perform most of the functions normally required at an AGS kiosk, whenever and wherever you have time. In line at the gate, at lunch, at home.

Facilities use

Once registered with readyAGS, you can select the Intermodal facilities that you frequent most often.

Fast access

Simply scan the readyAGS pass on your device or enter your pre-gate code so the system can re-verify your information and complete your transaction.

After being enrolled

You can perform your gate transactions just as if you were physically at the location.

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